Redefining Electrical Power Generation

Offering disruptive innovations-Magnetic Transducer Generator
Solar Power Booster for Photovoltaic output


EverForce Magnetic Transducer Generator

MTG is an electrical generation system based on the proprietary magnetic inducer technology. It is equipped with a small battery only to initiate a rotation of the generator and supporting electronic system operation, no external input power required, thus power generation is realized at extremely low running cost.

EverForce Booster

Solar Power Booster

EverForce Solar Power Booster is designed to increase the output of a Photovoltaic (PV) panel by an average of 45%, thus significantly increasing the overall output of a PV system, and ROI (return of investment) on PV installations.

Innovative clean energy

Advanced Zero-emissions Energy

EverForce Energy is a leader of Advanced Zero-emissions & Greater Energy Efficiency in Electrical Power Generation sector. EverForce has developed innovative clean energy proprietary technology and turn-key solutions for utility companies and commercial or industrial ventures.

Solar Power Booster Adaptor

EFE Power Booster

Product Highlights
• Increase output of each PV module by 45%
• Accelerate PV system payback
• Offset carbon footprint of additional panels
• Produce more energy with less space
• Maintain maximum performance in any weather condition
• Small, durable, waterproof housing and lightweight design
• Compatible with all solar panels
• Easily retrofit into pre-existing installations