Innovation of Magnetic Levitation Forces

EverForce Energy is a leader in new energy innovation changing the paradigm of electrical energy generation and energy efficiency. EverForce has developed the magnetic transducer generator and solar power booster. Several other product development projects are also under way.
Key principle of EverForce proprietary technology is utilization of magnetic levitation forces. The design, conceptualization, and development of current products have taken 14 years.

Magnetic Levitation Forces
The Magnetic Transducer Generator is the most economical and continuous clean electrical power generation on its own, not requiring any external fuel or energy input. The Solar Power Booster produces 45% additional power output from photovoltaic panels.
EverForce is a Canadian company based in Mississauga, Ontario and its team is comprised of individuals with a wide breadth of experience in international business developments, entrepreneurship, experimental physics, engineering, product commercialization, financial services, marketing and sales.