Magnetic Generator

The potential energy of magnetic moment,  in a magnetic field, is defined as the mechanical work of magnetic torque on re-alignment of the vector of the magnetic dipole moment. while the energy stored in an inductor when current,is passing via it. Energy is stored in a magnetic field. This is done by Magnetic Generators.

Magnetic Transducer Generator

Magnetic Transducer Generator

An advantage of using Magnetic Generator  is that it doesn’t rely on constant daylight or wind power in order to keep producing power.

the magnet motor has the power to operate continuously with no stop time. Another advantage of Magnetic Generator is that it is environmentally friendly and causes no pollution or harm to the environment.

It is also easy to build and to use its also very cost-efficient and cheap to make and cheaper to run, and will have a long lasting life. So we can see that this is the most reliable source of energy to help the new generation and modern world.

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