MTG (AKA Magnetic Transducer Generator)

EverForce Energy focus is the deployment and distribution of the MTG technology,  a technology that will redefine the electrical energy generation sector. The Magnetic Transducer Generators (MTG) provides access to an inexpensive, continuously available, and non-polluting method for generating electrical energy in a format that is applicable both small and large-scale.  MTG produces reliable electricity non-stop without requiring any fuel input; EverForce Energy generators are completely hassle free.

EverForce Solar Power Booster

EverForce Solar Power Booster

The MTG is available starting at 5MW,  and is easily  scalable to larger power requirements.

Flexibility and functionality are two key elements of the MTG technology that make it ideal for many energy generation scenarios. The MTG can be affixed to existing energy grids as a method to improve energy efficiency in urban areas, or used to develop mini-grids in rural areas that lack access to energy. The MTG can also function as a standalone energy source for mining companies, medical facilities, research centres, construction firms, as well as other industrial and commercial enterprises operating in remote locations.


EverForce Energy has developed a technology that will redefine the electrical energy generation sector. The Magnetic Transducer Generator (MTG) is the most economical and continuous clean electrical power generation on its own, not requiring any external fuel or energy input.

  • EverForce Magnetic Transducer Generator (MTG) is a stand-alone electrical generator based on the proprietary magnetic inducer technology. It is a turn-key and scalable up to hundreds of megawatts that can be operated as a stand-alone system, in either ON or OFF Grid environment.


  • Most of electric generators are based on magnetic induction motor which is comprised of two parts: 1) rotation of generator by an external force such as gas, steam or hydro and 2) generation of electrical energy. MTG is driven by permanent magnets built-on the rotor and control circuits. Therefore, no external energy input is required. It is equipped with a small battery, only to initiate a rotation of the generator as well as to supply the base current for electronic control circuits. While no external fossil fuels, nuclear fuels or hydro input is used; it generates electrical power continuously at extremely low running cost.


  • EverForce Power System is a packaged turnkey solution consists of EverForce Generator and Power Distribution System capable of adapting in various size of installation and environment; Standalone, OFF-Grid or ON-Grid. Any implementation services are supported by AC Tesla-Harness your power(, a strategic partner of EverForce Energy.

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