WARNING! Magnetic Generator is one of the hottest developments in the new energy sector and there are many free energy offerings and questionable business practices are promoted. We like viewers to exercise extreme cautions on similar product offerings as EverForce Energy Ltd.  EverForce is the sole owner of the Magnetic Transducer Generator and Solar Power Booster technologies. On any confusing product offerings, please inquire us directly on their identity.

Please note that EverForce Energy Ltd. has no business relationship with  NOCA Clean Energy in any way. EverForce Energy has issued  the cease and desist order against Noca Clean Energy. 

EverForce Agents and Distributors

Our agents and distributors are qualified by EverForce who provide the first tier support for potential and existing clients. EverForce is setting up global network of business partners and welcomes inquiries from qualified business operators in various parts of the world.

Strategic Partners

EverForce Energy expands and strengthens the foundation by establishing and working with Strategic Partners in Business and Technology Developments.  Not only we offer EverForce standard product offering, our technology provides number of opportunities to develop applications in various fields. EverForce is currently developing strategic partnerships with major technology companies.


AC Tesla – Harness your power (www.actesla.com),



AC Tesla is an electrical power system engineering and testing company specializing in normal and emergency electrical distribution equipment. With over 15 years of experience, they have been providing engineering services to customers in both local Canadian and foreign markets (Asia, Africa, Europe and USA).   AC Tesla and EverForce design and customize Power Distributor System to any specific customer needs insuring safe and reliable generation and distribution system for single or multi source unit.