Power Purchase Arrangement

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Localized Cost of Electricity 2014

Power Purchase Arrangement (PPA)

Various Electric Utilities implemented and provided power purchase arrangements (“PPAs”) covering the vast majority of the regulated power plants. PPA’s were intended to allow the Owners of the power generating facilities a reasonable opportunity to recover their fixed and variable costs of generation while transferring the right to offer the output of the plants into the power pool to intermediaries (Buyers).
Electrical Power Generation by EverForce Magnetic Transducer Generator can be entered into PPA by private owners of MTG similar to any renewable facility owners. Since the levelized cost of power is much lower than others, MTG owners are able to have higher ROI. EverForce is also (delete) willing to enter Power Purchase Arrangements with private facilities, public utilities and power generation companies. Unique feature of EverForce PPA can be structured to share profits with the owners of MTG to form a mutually rewarding partnership.

Levelized Cost Of Electricity (LCOE) is the average total cost to build and operate a power-generating technology over its lifetime divided by the total power output of the technology over that lifetime.

  • LCOE for the EverForce MTG ($19/MWh) is significantly lower    than all other competing forms of electricity generation.

Comparing the annual cost of running a diesel generator

  • Return on Investment (ROI) for EverForce MTG is only 3 years.
  • For each additional year that MTG is used to generate electricity, the total fuel costs is saved as MTG generates electricity without any external energy input or fuels such as fossil, hydro or nuclear.